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  On this day, the software, besides their own user data, the risk of infection, when the user is online. Every day, designed and manufactured in the "open" Internet navigation tens of thousands of viruses. Many of them before dangerous because of these viruses, you can lose not only programs, passwords, proprietary data, but apart from that, and coins. This happens as follows: the virus, in particular trojan, getting into the computer begins to search for Jaunty saved passwords and other important personal data. Finding such, the virus sends your data to an attacker who sent it. And that, in its order, easily penetrates into your electronic wallet and removes all the available funds in the account. Thus internet pirates hit the jackpot of 20 000 dollars.

  There are in addition, so-called program-scam. For example, you go to your favorite page of the site Vkontakte, and you see a rather big piece of text like: "you broke. To change your password, send sms with a short number "HhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhH" on this issue. You will receive a login to your account. "" Let's not currently being broadcast, however the man was led to this trick and send sms for frenzied finance! I want to turn attention to the other. Interface fake site looks like a hair's breadth as the original! Yes, and in the address bar you will see a familiar address So what's the lesson? A lesson that your computer has been running a viral program that creates the look of facebook, so much so that experienced programmers do not enter immediately. Using the authority of the site rogues abound in a decent amount. Remember, do not you come, in fact the most trusted sites, in no event and under no circumstances, do not rush to send SMS to any number. To start talk to the site administrator.

  In the Internet network, there are also scam sites by logging on you will see a lot of enticing offers a rapid enrichment, movies and games for the SMS. Terribly well known site "Vzarabotke. The external appearance of his shamelessly copied from the "Contact Us". When you go to the same online resource, we see a young man, a certain Eugene Goldman, tells us that now it is not forbidden to not work hard and find coins on the "freebies". As if. He knows sverhprostoy and superdeystvenny receive income through the internet casino games. Act especially does not necessary, it is easy to do accurately rate and counting green bills. I can say at once - scam of scams. A couple of times you can and will win, but here's how you lose - only God knows. Amounts may seek 500 bucks. That's why the very same that neither is Goldman can be financially independent. He gets a share of the funds duped users. In the case that Goldman really best there is ...

  By the way just what tricks do not come up with the online casino to squeeze more attendants from users. At some sites, scam write "simple Russian language" in order to go to the trust the citizens, whose profit, and so low. Do not trust anyone!

  Seemed to have just slept excitement all around mobile phones, "translucent clothes." I fear more than that to imagine how grandmothers they earned on the interest of people who believed, but believe the amount does considerable. And because as the "honest" work unit on the site! It seemed - that is, a dream of any seventh graders! And yet it was not here. In the case thoroughly read the contract-offer on the site, you are allowed to taste the interesting details. In particular, what then sending SMS and remove from you a tidy sum, you will have the access to the application playful character which has nothing to do with this X-ray. That is, download the application for mobile, which is for nothing and no one needed for 700-800 rubles.

  What a fraud crooks come up with the Internet - only God knows, but the only advice - be careful and cautious.

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