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Dedicated channel communication between objects distributed CS

Dedicated channel communication between objects distributed CS

  All objects are distributed CS interact through communication channels. Discusses the reasons for the success of UA, which consists in the use of PBC for communication between objects broadcast transmission medium which means that all objects are distributed CS connected to a common bus

  This leads to the fact that a message intended (addressed), only one object of the system, will be received by all its objects.

  However, only the object, the address given in the message header as the destination address will be subject to those to whom this message
immediately sent.

  Obviously, in the PBC with the topology of shared bus must use special methods of identifying objects (§ 6.2), since the identification of
link layer is only possible when using network crypto.

  It is also obvious that the ideal from a security perspective is the interaction of objects distributed CS on dedicated channels.

  There are two possible ways to organize the topology of the distributed CS with dedicated channels. In the first case, each object is associated
physical lines of communication with all system objects.

  In the second case, the system can be used by network hub through which the relationship between objects

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