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How to choose best-in password generator

 The network was established many programs and sites to generate passwords. How can choose best-in password generator?

 Recommend to send a care in the following details:

  •  Passwords by all means should be generated on your computer. Otherwise no one can guarantee you that the password has not been recorded in the database and will not be used to access your it. Of course, the possibility that the site administrator - password generator will be able to find just the person who received the password is small, but it is present;
  •  The site should load quickly. This, of course, optional circumstance, but the password is usually required in the here and now "and expect more than that a few seconds, while the download sites or scripts will work out, think, you do not want;
  •  It is advisable that the site gave some categories of passwords: starting with the most common used for "single sign-on" to complex passwords with wildcard and different registers, which will be helpful to protect particularly sensitive information.
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