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How to ensure safety (for beginners).

To begin with a few words about the operating system. In many respects the safety and security of information depends on what operating system is on PK.seychas will not touch * nix system, because the vulnerabilities have almost all the axes. And the examples for beginners who are sitting in the Win-systems.

Proceed, the first thing to - it is satisfied that the system is not penetrated malware. To do this, there is a huge variety of programs to protect against malicious programs, such as: viruses, Trojans, worms, dialer, ad-ware and the like. For what could be more reliable protection, it is worth considering the installation of the firewall.

To choose an antivirus, I suggest to approach this issue carefully, you should read more about this from various sources. But for a start I recommend using Avast! AntiVirus or Nod32. On repeated testing of the first is better because it has a lot of benefits, the Ktorov later. You can fool any anti-virus, because there are various unknown binary packers and kriptora (programs that compress and hide source code of the program than usually protect trojans and viruses scammers), which very much, and antivirus companies are still many do not know. Therefore, many anti-virus software simply can not fight these viruses, either because they do not know, either they have no vaccine (method of capture and treatment), because they are protected by unidentified security algorithms. And before they begin to define the anti-virus programs take a long time. It is therefore necessary to take into account this fact and choose an antivirus, able to work with the largest number anpakerov and understand more kriptora. In general, are invited to stop at the beginning of Avast! AntiVirus. At this point, there is the latest version on its official website 4/7/1001. Quite successfully and without lags works control system P2P-networks, instant messengers and alerts via the Internet and check email. Also there is a Web-Monitor, providing greater reliability, due to which while walking in the Internet you can feel safe.

Since a few anti-virus naturally, then I suggest you install any scanner, such as a-squared Free. At its base, there are 705,472 of malicious or suspicious programs that may damage the operation on a PC or efficiency of the software. The latest version It is advisable not only for beginners but also those who feel that secure. I suggest to scan, because you will surely find dangerous cookie malovary, perhaps little known species of worms and viruses. This signature-based scanner can easily catch a well-known trojans and spyware.

Next we will talk about the firewall. There is no single proposal, as it depends on the directness of your hands. In this case, only two recommendations:

1) Always have a fresh version on a computer firewall, because the vulnerability is all the time and everywhere.

2) Do not be lazy to configure the firewall. Typically, a well-tuned firewall gives 75% protection against trojans and viruses is important too.

If you use ICQ instant messengers, it is advisable to always use fresh programs, which mozhnoskachat with Even better security and functionality to cope & RQ. Some are outraged and say that QIP is very reliable and better than the ISQ, but nevertheless there is no vulnerability in the latter, and they are reduced to zero, while other customers continue to spread in the form as is.

Should not be waving and shouting: in his grave I saw the patches and ServisePack2 from melkomyagkih, but they did close a lot of vulnerabilities, especially if you often are using standard software from the wind to supply. I advise you not to neglect this, and regularly update your system. Well for starters, if not ServicePack2, be sure to install it.

To configure the system update, you must do the following items operations: Start> Control Panel> Security Center> Automatic Updates, and configure everything as you wish.

Next, advise similarly set a standard built-in firewall.

Start> Control Panel> Security Center> Windows Firewall

At least, I have not found any exploit that's just punched it would be a straight line, so do not pobrezguyte and install it.

As far as identity theft and gain full access to the PC in that you blame yourself, since you should not run, install, download software of questionable content. And it is not recommended to visit porn sites, because there are often vparivayut Trojans. Nothing surprising if it turns out that after a reboot or shutdown, vinda not be loaded. I do not recommend the same visit crack sites, it is evil. Why? Yes, because 50% of all Krekov crammed troyami different modifications.

And yet, the installation does not put too many easy passwords such as: Vasya and the like, so as to hackers is the easiest way to get access to your information. Do not put passwords consisting of the date of your birth, the name and other things. Do not make all these lamerskih stupid. I advise you to put a password consisting of lowercase Latin, uppercase letters and digits, such as: JKH89ukj2390ujI (recommend using a password generator)

That's all. This article was intended to mostly for beginners, so do not judge strictly. Remember, do not trust just anyone, or else risk losing data, the price can reach $ 10000. Be vigilant and do not fall for tricks and threw phishers.

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