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How to crack passwords?

To crack use special programs that pick up the password. The easiest method of selection is through all the characters.

Also used the method of choice in the dictionary. (In runet can find free dictionaries of Russian language on more than 100 thousand Russian words.)

* Very often, as the password used dates (100 years to come * 365 days - we get 36,500 options for this password). They lend themselves to breaking a few seconds or minutes.
* It is also common to use the secret word. I'm afraid to disappoint many, but the secret word - a common word that can be found in the dictionary of Russian (English or other) language, is chosen as fast as the date ... The fact that the language is not so many words. Lexicon of modern humans is about 20 000 words, the program of brute force and dictionary knows thousands of words. This password can be guessed within minutes.
* Slightly more difficult situation if you use the word not in primary form, alter case, the number or kind. Then the number of cases increased to 10 million. On the selection of a dictionary word forms have gone from several hours to several days.
* If used as a password, cell phone number, then the options would be no more than 100 million. To break such a password might take several days. Or a few minutes, if you take your phone and write numbers from the phone book, because, sure, there are also the one that serves you with a password.

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