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What to do if you forget the BIOS password

Default BIOS Settings (Default) do not contain a password, nor access to the utility BIOS Setup, or to start your PC. Therefore, if you forgot your password BIOS, it should "reset", reset the CMOS-memory, ie, restoring the default settings. Previously used for this so-called "engineering" (service) passwords - its for each manufacturer BIOS, for example, AWARD_SW, AMI, etc., but on modern motherboards these passwords do not work out.

Zeroing CMOS-memory hardware solution

On the PC is off (the power cord is also removed from the socket) to find the motherboard (near the battery CMOS-memory) switch Clear CMOS, move the jumper (jumper) in the second position and press the button on the PC, then return the jumper in place, including PC, after the log in the BIOS Setup and check the installation.

If the Clear CMOS switch on the motherboard there is no need to remove the battery CMOS-RAM and wait anywhere from half to three hours - Setup BIOS Setup (including - password) will be dropped.

Zeroing CMOS-memory programmatically

The password can be cleared not only by hardware but also software, such as using debugger (debug) debug. Disk address of the debugger - WINDOWSsystem32debug.exe.

Click Start -> Run ... -> Run -> cmd -> OK;

- A window that opens the shell after the prompt, enter debug, press Enter;

- Additional options depend on the version of BIOS -

a) Award (after each command, press Enter):

-O 70 17

-O 71 17


b) AMI (after each command, press Enter):

-O 70 10

-O 71 0

-O 70 11

-O 71 0


c) Phoenix (after each command, press Enter):

-O 70 ff

-O 71 17


Here o means output;

q - quit;

the first number in each line - the port;

second - the number of bytes (in hexadecimal);

- At the command prompt, type exit, press Enter (or just close the window);

- Password reset, but with him dropped on the "Default" (default), and other settings BIOS, so reboot the PC enter the BIOS Setup utility and check all settings.


1. Any information can be used for good and evil: it all depends on who uses this information and for what purpose ... I hope that you will need this information to good purpose: you forgot the password on your BIOS (!) PC.

2. Remember, using a password increases the level of computer security.

3. After resetting CMOS-memory - on the next reboot the PC - the message «CMOS checksum error - Defaults loaded. Press F1: to continue, DEL: BIOS Setup »or« CMOS checksum Failure ».

To boot the computer with the settings of CMOS-memory by default (Defaults) press F1.

If you know a utility installation BIOS Setup, press the Delete key to enter the utility. Check the settings of BIOS, press F10, to confirm the change by pressing Enter.

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