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Each user should make at least four different passwords, to feel relatively safe, and change passwords needed every three months.

The weakest link in the security of computer systems continues to be a man, the brain is, firstly, generates an extremely primitive passwords and, secondly, can not remember them in large quantities. According to statistics, CompTIA, last year caused 84% of all burglaries security companies have been human error. In many cases, it was a weak password protection.

Of course, ideally should start a separate password for each site / service, and each password should consist of random characters maximum possible length, and the entire set of passwords should be stored in an encrypted file on a separate floppy disk in a safe or deposit box. But it is absolutely unrealistic ideal. Therefore, computer security experts, to the extent possible, simplify rules.

CompTIA Association published a list of recommendations that allow you to feel at least minimal security. These are the minimum requirements, which are urged to respect each user.

First, in any case can not be used by a single password for all occasions. CompTIA experts recommend to start at least four.

1. Easy-to-remember password for use with traditional Web sites. The same password can be used in other non-critical applications for which a compromise of the password protection will not have a significant impact.

2. A more complex password with numbers and letters, e-commerce, online stores and other sites that require the introduction of a credit card number. In the case of compromise of the password may be minor financial losses.

3. Very complex password for online banking, stock trading and other financial sites. This password must contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation marks (at least three of the four categories).

4. A separate password for use at work. Working password must not resemble any of the three personal passwords, it can never be written. Of all four passwords are the most important because it determines security is not one person but the whole company. Consequences of its compromise can be catastrophic.

For the majority of passwords is recommended to use a combination of letters, numbers and punctuation marks. Passwords are not recommended to burn, but you can write tips to help you remember your password if you ever forget it. For example, if the password is "0range1242", then we can write in her notebook such clues: "Yushchenko" and "Livonia." (Ie, the color of the Orange Revolution and the year of Battle on the Ice, which was attended by the Livonian Order).

All passwords except the password easy to legitimate sites, should be changed every 90 days.

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