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How to choose a password?

This question comes sooner or later, to any user. Want it to or not. Because you need to know that when choosing a password is necessary to consider many aspects, the main ones being - is, first, to make it difficult to crack, and the second - that he was not very complicated to memorize. Let us consider these aspects.

Password, first and foremost, is designed to ensure that access to certain information had only those who know him. So do not use simple passwords such as such as password, admin, user, music, enter, and the like. The fact that they hack, any decent brutforsnik (a program to guess passwords) spends a minimum of time.

When choosing a password, you must bear in mind that it may try to steal people who know you, and so they might as well make a small dictionary of words that you can use as a password. Therefore, I recommend not to put such words in the password - for example, name your girl or wife, or the name of your favorite band.

It is also important to consider the length of the password: it should not be very short, but the password is too long is not very good because they are difficult to remember. An ideal variant length - from 8 to 12 characters.

When choosing a password try to use characters other than numbers, and even better special characters like @, #,% - it significantly increases the complexity of the problem for the hacker. Of course, to remember a password is much more difficult, but it becomes much more reliable than the simple one that consists only of letters. Try it, break here is such a password - vzqr.z $ 1p @. To generate a password, you can use your own brain, and it is possible and a special program, for example, Password Generator XP.

One more thing: try to remember their passwords, rather than writing on paper or, even worse, stored in a text file from your computer. In extreme cases, can store the password in my mobile phone or on the flash drive, but I strongly recommend storing it in encrypted form. To do this, can use one of many programs to encrypt, such as Encryption v1.0.

But still, if remember such a complicated password you hard and keep it you can not, you can use a password, printed in Russian letters on English keyboard layout. That is, the language must be included in English, but you look at the Russian letters and print them. Get a password rather difficult to fit, and easy to remember. To improve the reliability can use numbers, or the same special characters, which were discussed little higher.

But it seems to me that the ideal option for password - this is two words, formed into one, but each is printed on a different layout, and well, plus a couple of digits. Let me explain how it looks. For example, take the two words - dear and the rat, the first and write, and another - in Russian letters on English keyboard layout. You can do it - dearrhscf, add here a few numbers - 69, for example. And you will 69dearrhscf - complex password selection, but it did - to remember. I specifically changed in some places the numbers with letters to the password found logical sense - 69 luxury rats. That's it. Now, not to forget your password, you still remember it is a logical expression, and this will agree, is much easier than remember vzqr.z $ 1p @.

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