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Pros and cons of a distributed aircraft with dedicated channels

 Pluses distributed aircraft with dedicated channels for communication between objects are as follows:

  •  Messaging performed directly between the source and the receiver, bypassing the rest of the objects of the system. In such a system in case of lack of access to facilities through which the message is being sent, there is no software capabilities for network traffic analysis;
  •  It is possible to identify objects of a distributed system at the link layer to their addresses without the use of ciphers encrypt the traffic. This is because the system is constructed so that on the dedicated channel connection is feasible with only one particular object.
  •  The appearance of such a distributed system, a false object is impossible without hardware intervention (connect additional devices to the communications channel);
  •  System with dedicated channels for communication - a system in which there is no uncertainty with information about its facilities

  Each object in this system initially is uniquely identified and has full knowledge of other objects of the system.

  The minus FAR with dedicated channels include:

  •  Implementation complexity and high costs of creating a system;
  •  A limited number of objects in the system (depending on the number of inputs from the hub) the complexity of making the system a new object.

  It is also clear that the creation of a global WAN with dedicated channels will require enormous costs and possibly to date.

  Analyzing the pros and cons of using dedicated channels for the construction of secure communications between objects PBC, we can conclude that the creation of distributed systems using only a broadcast transmission medium, or only with dedicated channels effectively. Therefore, it seems proper for building distributed computing systems with branched topology and a large number of objects to use the combined connectivity options as objects.

  To ensure communication between objects large degree of significance, you can use a dedicated channel. Connection is less important objects of the system may be implemented
using a combination of shared bus-dedicated channel.

 This item was discussed options for network topologies with dedicated communication channels.

  In this case, we considered only the physical channels of communication and offers a more or less safe ways of interacting objects in the system through these channels. However, the choice of safe topology RVS is a necessary but not sufficient condition for establishing secure communications between distributed objects Sun

 So, at the end of this paragraph shall formulate the first principle of establishing secure communications facilities in PBC:

 Best in terms of security interaction of objects in the distributed CS is only possible by physically dedicated channel.

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