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  •  I'm using dynamic ip address - should I bake about security?

  For a start, if known about the time span in which the computer can be connected to the internet, then make a scan of the dynamic address space provider - not so difficult. Second, many attacks are made "at random" - without any specific purpose. And third, a dynamic address is allowed to keep up to "light up" on irc, www, etc. - For the use in practice, any network service.

  • And what, actually, I was threatened?

  Yeah whatever. Your computer can "hang", and sometimes - in fact for this is not necessary that your agregatina took any connection, can pull off a substitute for any valuable information.

  •   What are the basic precautions needed?

  To begin to assess the thumbs up, what will cost the possible consequences - it helps to take adequate measures. In case you need to connect to the internet a small office network of a dozen and a half cars, so even though some of them contain confidential information, all perhaps, it has sense to find a simple firewall - or accomplish it on their own, if there is a probability . In order to over-mnee safely get out on the internet from your home computer, rather to take some basic precautions.

  To begin, you must disable the division of computer resources for tcp / ip. This is allowed to make both the smallest in two ways - initially, the company recommends that microsoft is to disable the sharing of resources at all (settings -> control panel -> network -> file and print sharing) pazumeetsya, it is suitable in the case where You're not going to vigorously apply this probability.

  The second scheme - remove the interface from netbios tcp / ip (settings -> control panel -> network -> tcp / ip -> properties -> bindings)

  Secondly, it is useful to make sure that the used version of windows 95 or nt and networking software are the latest and that they did not go any updates, service packs, etc. But that does not need to use questionable software to run every file that comes by email and do quite similar nonsense, I suppose, and not worth mentioning. We only recall that in any word-document can cater to macro-virus ;-).

  What software can represent an additional threat?

  Nearly every ;-). Slightly more:

  When you use the most common www browser'ov such as netscape navigator or ms internet explorer possible problems and more serious than the "fall" as a result of an internal error - covering, in particular, the reading of any file from your hard drive - actually, not so as implemented in a stupid joke, which no longer pervostepennny year scare mugs.

  •   How to protect yourself from this?

  Apply the latest version browser'ov in which _izvestnye_ "hole" is more or less shut up, and if necessary, to some extent to protect themselves from strangers - it really can recommend that disable activex, java and javascript. In the case of email'om - again, in the case not to make stupid and do not start coming. Exe files (and keep in mind about macro viruses!), Will hardly meet with greater neriyatnostyu than arriving punctually idiotic letters offers to buy something unnecessary or participate in another stupid pyramid with attendants in an envelope by sending the devil knows where. This is called spam - and fight with this is allowed, by calculating the header internet service provider, allowing a similar mess, and starting with him swearing. Other way, apparently not - in addition to automate the removal of such messages (inbox assistant just might do it).

  Theoretically, mime, extended format for messages, often (and sometimes more often than necessary) to use the internet _mozhet_ present security problems, but in practice this rarely happens. news from the perspective of the client's security is not very different from email. if you use irc, it is likely the most important - is what ip-address of your computer, version irc-client and often the type and operating system are well known to everybody really - that just is not good. Lovers to try on you own (often - not his ;-) technological advances may get more than meets the pervostepennny view. In addition, the script itself or more irc client may contain a bookmark with the practice of every opportunity. Most troubles can bring the protocol dcc - point to say, it is permissible in most easily off irc-client. In case you do not understand in detail how the proposed script - is his by no means is prohibited - do that if the charge of his uncle checks. icq yet sparsely explored in this issue - but we know about him two things: a) every client is permitted to "topple" the flow of meaningless data at the port, where he answers - "And this is just the beginning" (c) ao mmm b) he does not provide any additional features compared to the irc. I would not recommend using icq.

  •  Why are the security measures will not accept provider?

  Lesson is that, for example, prohibiting access the ports used by windows / samba to share resources, we deprive our customers the ability to apply it for all legitimate and sometimes more necessary purposes. Because we provide security for its part of the network - and your problem is to provide it on his own. Of course, I can podsobit it happened - but is not obligated to do it for nothing ;-). I received a message warning about the virus propagates through email.

  Such bredyatina distributed over the network is no longer the initial year - it is austere next version "of Scripture." The fact that the rise internet'a provides constant influx of fresh idiots who are ready to send out all these things - is truly depressing. Most rather big threats to their victims the same virus - a chance to replenish the ranks of the above.

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